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Professional Development Workshops

In EdTech Hall Workshops, Educators will...

1. Receive initial training in a small group learning environment;
2. Receive minimum of three follow up consulting sessions to ensure mastery of learned material. 
3. Apply information to an already existing curriculum using the Google platform. 
4. Create learner enhanced experiences that can be applied immediately to the classroom setting. 
5. Use this program to expand on traditional cooperative learning structures (ie, Kagan, Hunter, etc) 
6. Use the processes in a unique Problem Based Learning experience while addressing content standards. 

*Contact for pricing options.

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Survey and Workshops available

Please complete the Consultation Survey so I may assist you properly.

Workshops Available and Descriptions

~Please email and indicate the workshop you wish to order.

~Please indicate how many teachers and the state.

Educational Workflow (2 hour session with consulting)

-Use Google Slides to prepare lessons that infuse technology

-How to use with synchronous and asynchronous teaching

-Link to Google Classroom and Google Sites

-Structured lessons to allow all elementary teachers to provide meaningful instruction


Pear Deck (1 hour session)

-Integrate questions and informative assessment into any lesson

-Use with Google Slides as an extension

-Can be self-paced or in the classroom live


ReadWorks (2 hour session)

-Use the Article-A-Day to provide instructional conversation even in socially distanced classrooms

-Assess Extended Response Questions

-Instant feedback on multiple choice

-Student library with leveled books and articles

-Easily integrated into Google Classroom


Quizlet (1 hour session)

-Create decks for students as a pre or post assessment

-Self-paced or live in the classroom

-Quizlet Diagrams

-Students can create their own as a higher order thinking activity at the culmination of a unit.


Kahoot and Quizizz (1 hour session)

-Create quizzes and tests easily integrated into Google Classroom

-Self-paced for distance learning

-Live for Synchronous learning

-Can be used for pre and post assessment

Google Classroom (Schools and Groups - 1 year with consulting)

-Setup with a template for academic and specials classes

-Collaboration with BSI and Special Education Teachers

-Assigning and attaching files

-Assessment and feedback

-Fun Google Headers

-Grading journals and written documents (ELA)


Google Sites (2 hour session)

-Setup with a template

-Attaching and embedding links for weekly assignments

-Adding videos

-Using GSuite tools to create a bridge to Google Classroom

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Professional Development Certificates indicating the hours spent in the training will be awarded at the end of each training.  

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