Technology should not be cumbersome or an additional challenge to the classroom.  It should enlighten, inspire and offer unique opportunities for students and teachers.

~Tara Temprano

Founder and owner of EdTech Hall

EdTech Hall

Educational Consulting

  • Help teachers maximize student learning by fusing traditional with technology based lessons, streamlining and implementing a cohesive educational workflow to provide a journey for any child’s learning destination.

  • Personalized learning sessions tailored to the needs of the district or group of educators.

You Will Learn How To


Use Google Classroom and G-Suite Tools to enhance your curriculum


Integrate technology into lessons that are already successful in your class


Provide a journey for any child’s learning destination


Tara M. Temprano

Educational Technology Master

with 18+ years of experience

I designed EdTech Hall to help teachers because that is what I am to my core.  After obtaining my Masters in Educational Technology, I spent 18 years as an educator helping students and teachers incorporate technology into their daily/weekly lessons. 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, I became a sounding board for many of my colleagues and decided I can help even more teachers.  I truly enjoy helping teachers implement a cohesive learning experience.

I am here to help you integrate and feel more confident in providing technology that does not overwhelm you but enhance the academic achievement of all your students.


Pricing Packages Available for individual teachers and groups/schools.  I will work with you to provide the package that suits YOUR needs!

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40 Oak Place

Hawthorne, NJ 07506

Tel: 201-388-0737     |     edtech.hall@gmail.com

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